Game Overview

‘Singularity’ is an immersive virtual reality experience that combines technologies including 3D scanning, head-mounted display, and immersive sound design. The inspiration for this work grows from the artist’s personal experience of living an accelerating digitalised world. The artist creatively associates the relationship between racing games and Moore’s Law, also The Law of Accelerating Returns that appeared in the human’s technology development history. In racing games, users can usually accelerate by collecting props. According to The Law of Accelerating Returns, every time when a new technology invented, the acceleration curve rose exponentially. The two phenomena coincide. This work uses the rationale of racing game as the basis of designing the experience’s structure. During the experience, the audience will be able to explore many technical metaphors that we once used, as well as ones we are currently using, including mobile phones, Bluetooth, Information superhighway, chatbots, etc. The audience will experience the accelerating virtual reality world through observing and collecting the metaphors, and finally achieve the “singularity”.


Casual, Simulation

Release Date

December 18, 2020


Screen South



accelerate  the future

Technologies are developing faster and faster at this age. Ray Kurzweil claims that the singularity will happen by 2045. Also, Steven Shaviro states that ‘like it or not, we are all accelerationists now’. Based on human’s increasing desire for the development of technologies nowadays, ‘Singularity’, an immersive, interactive Virtual Reality experience, intends to visualize the singularity which arrives with accelerated speed. This experience aims to create an abandoned, and forgotten world by designing a decentralized order, and to invite the audience to rethink about the relationship between living organism and inorganic intelligence.

Artist & Creative Director

Jingjing Shen


Cody Wren

Music / Sound

Michael Tree


David Tree



Exec Producers:


Joseph Amoah

University of Hertfordshire

Peter Richardson

New Creatives South East Producer

Jo Nolan